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Dianova Network

Dianova Network is composed by associations and non-profit foundations specialized in developing innovative programs and projects in the fields of education, youth, addiction prevention and treatment, and in the area of social and community development. We are a diversified and independent network which offers a quality answer to the problem of drug addiction at the international level. Our services complement the social, health and education networks from 11 countries in Europe, North America and Latin America.

The Dianova Network is shaped and nourished by the interactions between the International Coordinator (Dianova International, headquartered in Barcelona) and its Members, cooperation that has been reinforced following the 2007 Lisbon Convention. Dianova International is an International NGO of Swiss law under the European Convention of 24 April 1986 on Juridical Personality of International Non-Governmental Organizations.

It was granted in 2007 the Special Consultative Status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations ECOSOC|UN. Since 2010, is an official partner of UNESCO.

Dianova International and its members are totally oriented to quality standards and guidelines established by the public institutions in their respective countries, besides being integrated and accredited at national and international networks of the civic society, including Civil Society Forum on Drugs at the European Commission, Organization of American States, RIOD, CICAD, WFTC (World Federation of Therapeutic Communities), Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs, as well as the Public Administration and Governments in which its member are operating.


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