06 Mar / Achieving True Gender Equality

March 8, on International Women’s Day, Dianova launches  the #YourVoice+ campaign

The UN Women’s Follow-up Report on the Sustainable Development Goals published in 2018 is clear. “All across the world, women are facing social, economic and professional barriers based on gender discrimination. The discrimination starts early. First, from the education that young girls receive, until to the types of work they are relegated. A reality in the center of both private and public sectors. That is to say, women face professional segregation, biases and stereotypes that make gender equality in the workplace challenging”. 

Dianova is an advocate for women’s rights. Thus, we are working to promote the gender perspective in international debates and campaigns. Including related to migration, education, addictions and mental health.

#YourVoice+ aims to give you a voice in order to help achieve the vision of the 2030 Agenda. Markedly, in a world “in which all women and girls enjoy full gender equality. And, in essence, all legal, social and economic barriers for their empowerment have been removed.”

How can you help?

To participate in this campaign, please answer the following questions by creating a short video or podcast.

> What do you think is the main barrier to wage equality between men and women?

> Which barriers do women face to assume a leadership role?

> In your perspective, what is the main barrier for women in achieving work-life balance?

> Do women have the same opportunities to access education as men?

> To you, which are the major barriers to equal opportunities and education?


Please follow these steps:

 1. Make a short video or podcast (90 s.) of yourself or a friend and answer the questions above.

2. Upload the video or podcast to your favorite social media or network with the hashtag #YourVoice + . You can also write your answer in a post.


Sustainable Development Goals – Join the debate and make women’s voices heard!

By Dianova in News