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Ten Tips to End Domestic Violence

20 Nov, by admin in News Brief

Dianova: 16 days of Activism to End Gender Violence. Dianova launches a 16-day #2030StopGenderViolence campaign to raise awareness and prevent gender violence.
Our goal is to help achieve the Agenda 2030 vision of gender equality: “to achieve a world in which all women and girls enjoy full gender equality…

EXIT Magazine 2018 dedicated to Mental Health

07 Sep, by admin in News Brief

Mental Healthcare: Benefits of Addiction Treatment for Individuals, Communities and Governments, Dianova’s corporate external EXIT® Magazine 2018 is now available for readers online   “Offering treatments based on the scientific evidence is now helping millions of affected individuals to regain control over their lives.”   It’s never…

Dianova NGO focusing on personal development and social integration

04 Sep, by admin in News Brief

We all know the benefits of teamwork. Why not put people’s power to work together for more complex challenges, such as violence, dependencies, poverty or education?
This is the conviction that moves us on Dianova. We believe that with the right support, each person can find in himself the resources needed to achieve success in his personal development and social integration. Regardless of your history, gender or condition.

Dianova renews Certification of Quality Management System

04 Sep, by admin in News Brief

94% Customer Satisfaction and 89% Service Recommendation SGS ICS – International Certification Services confirmed the renewal of the Quality Management System certification. And also the respective transition to ISO 9001: 2015. This certification is in the scope of the Rehabilitation and Reinsertion of Drug Addicts…

The Stigmatization of People with Addictive Disorders in the Workplace

18 Jul, by admin in News Brief

People use alcohol or other drugs for various reasons: to seek pleasure, to support the difficulties of life, to improve one’s performances, etc. In most industrialized countries, alcohol and other drug use is increasing in the workplace as in society and no professional sector is immune to this phenomenon.

Stigmatization of People with Addictive Disorders in the Media

17 Jul, by admin in News Brief

Despite the extent of this public health problem, people facing addictive disorders must face a highly stigmatizing moral judgment from society as a whole, particularly with regard to people who use illicit drugs. According to World Health Organization, addiction to illicit drugs is the most stigmatizing condition. The media should take a different look at addiction disorders, drug use and drug policies instead of relying on traditional narratives. The media can in particular play a significant role in combating drug-related stigma and discrimination while focusing more widely on the failure of the “War on drugs” and the need for new approaches.

Substance and non-substance addictions – Rethinking prevention

05 Jul, by admin in News Brief

What are we talking about when we speak of substance and non-substance addictions? Why is prevention important to society? What are the impacts of prevention on general health? These questions were the guidelines for structuring this paper, in which the conceptualization of prevention and prevention practices are systematically discussed. Furthermore, some emerging challenges in the development of preventive strategies are raised.

Online games: what do parents need to know and do?

05 Jul, by admin in News Brief

So the question of what parents need to know and do has a clear challenge! Play with your children from a tender age. Learn to play as well. Enjoy that moment. Don’t make the game an elephant in the middle of the room, which you can’t talk about it!

Watch LIVE the Dianova Symposium 29 June

27 Jun, by admin in News Brief

Watch LIVE via FACEBOOK DIANOVA click here to LIVESTREAM the Symposium ‘Network Learning – Trends and Challenges of NGOs in the 21st Century’, Friday 29 June at 9am.   On the occasion of the celebration of 20 Years Networking #dianovanetworking20, in which Portugal is the hosting…