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Pompidou Group Executive Training

22 Apr, by admin in News Brief

Dianova Portugal attended the Pompidou Group Executive Training on ‘Incorporating gender dimensions in drug policy practice and service delivery’, held the 2-5 April in Amsterdam. With this participation, Dianova aims to consolidate the incorporation of the gender perspective in its Addiction Treatment Programs.

Achieving True Gender Equality

06 Mar, by admin in News Brief

Dianova is an advocate for women’s rights and works to promote the gender perspective in debates and campaigns related to migration, education, addictions and mental health. #YourVoice+ & 2030 Agenda: a world “in which all women and girls enjoy full gender equality. And, in essence, all legal, social and economic barriers for their empowerment have been removed.”

Civil Society Views and the EU Action Plan Drugs

06 Mar, by admin in News Brief

The Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSFD) is an expert group of the European Commission. Its members are selected by the EC for a three-year mandate. Dianova is a member since 2013. Has participated in the recent survey to provide the ground work for the preparation of this report, sharing a wealth of experiences and practices.

Ten Tips to End Domestic Violence

20 Nov, by admin in News Brief

#2030StopGenderViolence . Domestic violence concerns everyone – whether rich or poor, educated or not, young or old, black or white, homo or heterosexual. It is estimated that during their lives more than one in three women and one man in 12 have ever been subjected to physical or sexual violence by their intimate partner. It’s time to change this!

EXIT Magazine 2018 dedicated to Mental Health

07 Sep, by admin in News Brief

“Offering treatments based on the scientific evidence is now helping millions of affected individuals to regain control over their lives.” EXIT Magazine 2018 focus on the topic of “Mental Healthcare. Benefits of Addiction Treatment for Individuals, Communities and Governments.” with 29 experts from 22 countries around the world.

Dianova NGO focus on personal development and social integration

04 Sep, by admin in News Brief

We all know the benefits of teamwork on personal development and social integration. Why not put people’s power to work together for more complex challenges, such as violence, addictions, poverty or education? This is the conviction that moves us on Dianova NGO, an international network of 26 Members operating in 20 countries in 4 continents.

Dianova renews Certification of Quality Management System

04 Sep, by admin in News Brief

94% Customer Satisfaction and 89% Service Recommendation. These 2017 indicators come from the Quality Management System, certified since 2005, is in the scope of the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Drug Addictions in the Therapeutic Community Quinta das Lapas, Dianova Portugal.

Stigmatization of people with substance use disorders

06 Aug, by admin in News Brief

Stigmatization of people with substance use disorders still occurs. Some 31 million of people who use drugs suffer from drug use disorders, meaning that their drug use is harmful to the point where they may need treatment. Quality services and addiction rehab and recovery programs. Friendly personnel and staff. Observation of human Rights.