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Dianova attends the 61 CND UNODC Session

05 Mar, by admin in Uncategorized

It will be held the 12-16th march, in Vienna, the 61st CND UNODC Session, during which Member States and civil society will meet at the last major international meeting before 2019 (and post-UNGASS 2016). This is the target date set out by the 2009 Political Declaration and Action Plan to eradicate the illicit drug market.

Why Screen Time Matters | Internet Addiction

05 Feb, by admin in Uncategorized

Why Screen Time Matters. Online Sex | Online Gambling | Videogames | Cyberbullying | Social Networks. While the use of technology as a learning tool holds much promise for our kids, the misuse of technology can have the opposite effect. Too much screen time is linked to a lack of school success – poor grades, lower reading scores, inattention, dulled thinking, and social problems.