04 Sep / Dianova NGO focus on personal development and social integration

Dianova NGO. An international network of 26 Members, operating in 20 countries of 4 continents.

We all know the benefits of teamwork. Why not put people’s power to work together on more complex challenges, such as violence, addictions, poverty or education?

This is the conviction that moves us on Dianova. We believe that with the right support, each person can find in himself the resources needed to achieve success in his personal development and social integration. Regardless of his/her history, gender or condition.

The Dianova international network. Social organizations that operate in 4 continents. Focusing on the development of people and communities through interventions in the social, health and humanitarian areas.

Our members work with vulnerable populations and are committed to contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in areas such as.

> First, improve access to education;
> Second, ensure sustainable livelihoods and healthy lifestyles;
> Third, humanitarian aid;
> Four, promote women’s rights;
> Five, help people who are addicted to drugs and other risk behaviors to make responsible decisions about their lives.

Dianova International is the network’s central organization. Hence, it supports its members and participates in initiatives aiming to broadening the voice of civil society. Both in political decision-making processes and in the promotion of human rights.

In our country, Dianova Portugal contributes significantly since 1984 to the social development. Especially, through programs and ervices in the areas of health, social and education. In fact, more than 79,000 people, young people and adults, benefited from our services.

Important to realize, there is a way to achieve the progress of society and personal self-fulfillment. Expressively, by giving back and promoting social change. Therefore, if you believe in this commitment, support us, act by joining us.

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