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COVID, gender-based violence and alcohol and drugs addiction

25 Nov, by Dianova in News

Statement by Dianova   The COVID pandemic has aggravated alcohol and drugs consumptiom and addiction problems. This reality has increased violent gender-based behavior, particularly in the family sphere and in particular against women.   Around the world, lockdown and quarantine measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus are...

The next normal UNESCO campaign

27 Jul, by Dianova in News

UNESCO campaign “the next normal”: how will COVID-19 change the world?   UNESCO’s ‘the next normal’ campaign questions our ideas about what is normal, suggesting that we have accepted the unacceptable for far too long. But which world will emerge from the COVID-19 crisis? Will it be...

Drug use increased 30 per cent worldwide WDR 2020

23 Jul, by Dianova in News

Key findings and policy implications of the United Nations World Drug Report 2020   According to WDR 2020, drug use increased 30 per cent since 2009, an estimated of 269 million people who use drugs in 2018. The report estimated in 192m people who use cannabis, 58m...

Addiction treatment services remain essential during the COVID-19 pandemic

17 Jun, by Dianova in News

In the light of today’s health pandemic COVID-19 crisis, Dianova pledges that addiction treatment services are essential services to be on par with other healthcare services   Statement by Dianova International - The unexpected irruption of COVID-19 all across the world has been an eye-opener on how...

Dianova participates in the 63rd Session of the CND

02 Mar, by Dianova in News

At the 63rd Session of the CND, Dianova organizes 3 sides events At The United Nations UNODC 63rd Session of the CND, in Vienna, Dianova organizes 3 side events over the issues. The media, a key actor in the field of drugs.The obstacles women face when...