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Newsletter Dianova Special #QUITSTIGMANOW 2018

by Rúben Estêvão in Newsletter Article

Dianova campaign “Bringing addiction stigma to an end” launched the 26 June aims to raise awareness about the physical and psychological consequences of stigmatizing people facing substance use disorders or behavioural addictions, emphasizing that addiction is not a personal choice but a public health issue that needs to be addressed as such.

Newsletter Dianova Addiction Treatment Works

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Treatment Works: Benefits of Quality on Addiction Treatment. At the Gambling Capital of the world Macau, where the irresistible call for casinos are in high demand, Dianova presented its Quality Addiction Treatment Best Practice ISO 9001 on the residential program provided to international clients since 2005. Read more

Newsletter Addiction Treatment International Centre

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For Dianova, Recovery begins with a Promise of Change. A renowned and exclusive drugs, alcohol, internet and other addictive behaviour disorders addiction treatment centre.Our primary goal is to be an excellent treatment providers.A personalized program focused on each client. Read more

Newsletter Happy Holidays Dianova 2016

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Dianova Portugal … Together we inspire change and contribute to solving global problems that affect Portuguese society, in an educational and inclusive perspective! Dianova Team wishes our Inpatients, Families, Partners, Sponsors and Friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Learn. Grow. Achieve. Health Above All.