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Dianova Network Dianova Portugal

An International Nonprofit Network commited to People and Social Progress

Addictions, Education, Youth and Humanitarian Aid

Dianova is an international nonprofit composed of associations and foundations operating in four continents. To point out, in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe. Dianova Nonprofit Members contribute to the development of people and communities. Mainly, with programs and actions in the health, social and humanitarian fields.


Besides, Members of the Dianova International Network develop their actions based on a shared mission, vision and values.

In addition, each initiative implemented by its members is based on:

> straightway, contributing to the mission of the network.

> second, providing support to its vision.

> finally, respect for the core values ​​of Commitment, Solidarity, Tolerance and Internationality.

These four values form the foundation of the Dianova Network’s action principles.


With this intention, they translate interventions dedicated to promote:

> Individual level. Self and mutual help, self-confidence and integration in their communities.

> Collective level. First, civic engagement to promote health and quality of life. Second, contribute to the development of people and communities. Third, the empowerment of the human being as a key factor for sustainable and balanced development. Namely, in the fields of economics, social progress and environment.

Indeed, the Dianova Network is shaped by the interactions between two areas. The International Coordinator, in particular Dianova International, headquartered in Barcelona. and its 26 Members in 20 countries.

In fact, cooperation betweeen its Members has been reinforced following the 2007 Lisbon Convention.

Another key point, Dianova is an International NGO of Swiss law.

It goes under the European Convention of 24 April 1986. Namely, on Juridical Personality of International Non-Governmental Organizations.


International Affiliations

United Nations granted in 2007 the Special Consultative Status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations ECOSOC|UN.

And since 2010, is an official partner of UNESCO.

In general, Dianova International and its Members are totally oriented to quality standards. As well as, by guidelines established by the public institutions in their respective countries.

Besides, the Members are integrated and accredited at national and international civil society networks.

For instance: 

> Civil Society Forum on Drugs at the European Commission. 

> Organization of American States,

> RIOD. 


> WFTC (World Federation of Therapeutic Communities). 

> Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs.

Finally, are in protocol with the Public Administration and Governments in the countries its Members operate.


Good Governance and Evaluation Practices


Point often overlooked, Dianova is recognized for its transparent practices. Especially, in terms of good governance and professional management. Beside, takes responsibility for its actions and achievements. To clarify,

> in the first place, having a clear mission, organizational structure and decision-making processes.

> second, acting in accordance with declared values ​​and agreed procedures.

> third, ensuring that their programmes achieve results consistent with their objectives.

> in short, communicating these results in an open and precise way.


Its Annual Reports describe:

> overall, the goals and results achieved through its programs and advocacy initiatives and campaigns.

> second, the governance structure and processes, including key corporate office holders.

> in the forefront, the main sources of funding like donations or grants from companies, foundations, governments and individuals.

> finally, the financial performance that is in compliance with relevant laws and practices. With this in mind, is audited by a qualified independent public accountant. Its statement accompanies the Annual Report.


Social Impact and Horizon 2020


In detail, in 2017, Dianova had a team of 499 (53% M and 47% W) employees. Including, multidisciplinary and multicultural professionals. To enumerate, 10.831 people benefited from Dianova programmes developed in 34 centers.


Equally important, this organization is in constant adaptation to the evolution of the contexts in which it operates.

Thereupon, is a proactive actor in the Social  Economy Sector.

For this reason, as an International Nonprofit, Dianova is dedicated to building a more equitable and balanced society.

Aditionally, to materialize its Vision 2020, Dianova elaborated its 2020 Strategic Guidelines. They are based on four principles: Diversification, Internationality, Proactivity and Adaptability.

Thus, Dianova builds up step by step as a trustworthy international network. In particular, cooperates closely with the public and private sectors to develop different projects. Hence. has direct impact on public policies.


The Sustainable Development Goals and Dianova


Since 2015, the United Nations has adopted Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. Marrkedly, this initiative aims to strengthen the cooperation between governments and other stakeholders.

Final goal: to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. 

Notably, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda (SDG) and its 169 specific objectives have become symbols of this ambitious project.


Must be remembered, the mission of Dianova is echoed in the context of the Agenda 2030. 

Either Dianova International or its Members implement of a diversity of local and international initiatives.

Overall, Dianova has a significant impact on the implementation of the SDG. Thus, adding to the global efforts to build a better world for all. And, of course, incorporating the language of Agenda 2030 into their work.

Five P’s. The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development focuses on 5 main themes for humanity and the planet. For this reason, thy are called “Five Ps”. People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Participation.

To demonstrate, how does Dianova translates its commitment to reach the SDG? In a word, by aligning its actions and initiatives in four main areas.

> First, Children / Youth and Education.

> Second, Health / Addictions.

> Third, Protection / Support and Humanitarian Aid.

> And another key point, Alliances and Cooperation.


Hence, Nonprofit Members of the Dianova International Network are committed to this involvement on a global scale. Consequently, contributing to the achievement of the various goals of the SDG.


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