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Dianova launches campaign to end the Stigma of Addiction

21 Jun, by Dianova in Press Release

Bringing Addiction Stigma to an End. Starting June 26th, the campaign aims to help raise awareness about the physical and psychological consequences of stigmatizing people facing substance use disorders or behavioural addictions. #QuitStigmaNow #drugabuseday

2030 Agenda: a Statement from Dianova

03 May, by Dianova in News Brief

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda introduced a holistic approach to governments, civil society, private sector and other stakeholders in addressing challenges relate to the development of our societies. A partner in this effort, Dianova International contributing from the social, health and humanitarian areas.

Dianova reinforces message at the United Nations CND Session UNODC

22 Mar, by Dianova in News Brief

Dianova reinforces message at the United Nations “Addiction Treatment Works” at the 61st CND Session UNODC, in which Dianova Portugal attended as participant and speaker at side events on treatment and prevention. The final goal: not only increase strategic alliances but also enhance the evidence that addiction treatment works.

Public Health Communication International Projects

21 Mar, by Dianova in News Brief

Dianova participates in international evidence based projects on Public Health Communication International, financed by Erasmus+, such as SMAPP or DAWA since 2015. Dianova Portugal is a Partner in collaboration with other EU European countries: Turkey, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain.

Dianova attends the 61 CND UNODC Session

05 Mar, by Dianova in News Brief

Dianova Portugal focusing on drug abuse and social inclusion at the 61st CND Sesssion – UNODC. Member States and civil society meet at the last major international meeting before 2019 (and post-UNGASS 2016). This is the target date set out by the 2009 Political Declaration and Action Plan. The goal: to eradicate the illicit drug market.

Why Screen Time Matters – Internet Addiction

05 Feb, by Dianova in News Brief

Why Screen Time Matters. Online Sex | Online Gambling | Videogames | Cyberbullying | Social Networks. While the use of technology as a learning tool holds much promise for our kids, the misuse of technology can have the opposite effect. Too much screen time is linked to a lack of school success – poor grades, lower reading scores, inattention, dulled thinking, and social problems.