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Who We Are Dianova Portugal

The Nonprofit Dianova Portugal

Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Social Inclusion, Training


Established in Portugal since 1984 as an active agent of a social health network. Dianova Portugal Association is specialized in Addiction Treatment and Social Development. Since 1993 is recognized as a Public Utility NGO. Notably, in these 4 decades, has benefited more than 79,000 People and Families.

Important to realize, Dianova focus on health, social and capacity building. In other words, is specialised in drug prevention, health promotion, addiction treatment, training and social inclusion.

Our mission is to develop initiatives and programs. Thus, our goal is promoting personal self-reliance and social progress.

To that end, our ethical framework is grounded on values, inclduing, Commitment, Solidarity, Tolerance and Internationality.

For this reason, our vision is to provide the appropriate support, in order to each person be able to find within him/herself the resources necessary to achieve: both personal development and social integration.

National and International Certifications and Affiliations

> At the present time, since 2017 is a training entity certified by DGERT. Ministry of Employment.

> Alongside, was granted in 2015 and 2016/17 the Merith Award on Equality and Life-Professional Balance by CIG. The Commission of Equality and Gender. Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

> Furthermore, is since 2012 accredited by Scientific and Pedagogical Continuous Training Council. Ministry of Education.

> Prior to, is since 2005 certified on Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015. Specifically, for the Addiction Rehabilitation and Reintegration areas at the Therapeutic Community Quinta das Lapas. 

International Addiction Rehabilitation Center - DGERT certification

International Addiction Rehabilitation Center – DGERT certification

International Addiction Rehabilitation Center - ME certification

International Addiction Rehabilitation Center - SGS certification

SGS certification

> In addition, is since 2015 registered in the European Commission and European Parliament’s Transparency Register . ID 523238518817-56.

> Up to present time, is since 2010 registered at the Department of Social and Economic Affairs, United Nations Economic and Social Council. (DESA | ECOSOC | UN).

Our main goals are:

> To beign with, promoting educational activities for prevention and health promotion.

> Couple with, helping people to stop the abuse of psychoactive substances.

> Moreover, supporting children and young people at risk.

> Together with, supporting social integration of individuals in situation of social vulnerability.

> Equally important, developing training and awareness activities.

> Overall, promoting and enhancing adequate dissemination, education, execution and training towards social progress. Markedly, within the scope of cooperation for international development.

In order to fulfil its mission, Dianova has a structured internal organisation. According to identified needs, highly qualified professionals come from different areas.

Its main departments are:

Intervention and Programmes

Administrative and Financial

Communication and Institutional Relations

Supported by the following departments. Human Resources, Legal, Tax and Accounting, and Project Management.

Must be remember, Dianova Portugal is a Member of the Dianova InternationalIt’s an international NGO composed of associations and foundations operating on four continents. Specifically, in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe. The members of Dianova contribute mainly to the human development. That is to say, through programmes in the health, social and humanitarian fields.

Over the years, Dianova’s commitment and the social impact created a healthier and more inclusive society. This has been publicly recognized, for instance:

>Honourable Mention in “Equality is Quality” Award | 2014 & 2016/17 . In the category of Social Economy for its work in promoting Gender Equality.

>Merit Recognition “Smiling through Education” | 2010 . Recognition by Clínica da Educação for Dianova’s project “Education is the best Prevention” – Emotive Adventure 3G®.

>Honourable Mention in António Manuel Mota Award | 2010 . Distinguished Dianova’s work within the scope of Social Inclusion for tits greenhouse unit as a Social Enterprise.

>Hospital of the Future” Award | 2005/06 . Dianova as the first NGO with Quality Management System certification. Specifically, in the area of addiction treatment and social and professional reintegration at the Therapeutic Community Quinta das Lapas


> More than 30 years of continuous evolution and organisational development. In particular, oriented to change management, social innovation and sustainability on behalf of our Clients and Community.

> Dedicated to find integrated solutions to health problems. Expressively, related with drugalcoholinternet addiction and other behavioural addictive disorders.

> Provider of services and programmes constantly evolving, as well as internationally certified.

> Promotor of personal autonomy and social progress through a personalised approach.

> Guided by a perspective of cooperation in education, empowerment and inclusion.

> As a result, positively reaching more than 79,000 People and Families.