04 Sep / Dianova renews Certification of Quality Management System

94% Customer Satisfaction and 89% Service Recommendation

SGS ICS – International Certification Services confirmed accordingly the renewal of the Quality Management System certification. And also the respective transition to ISO 9001: 2015.

This certification is in the scope of the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Drug Addictions in the Therapeutic Community Quinta das Lapas, Dianova Portugal. This was the result of hard work, commitment and dedication of 24×7 multidisciplinary professional Team.

The Quinta das Lapas Therapeutic Community was, in fact, the first therapeutic community in Portugal, with a Quality Management System certified by ISO 9001. This certification has been in place specifically since 2005.

The Quality Management System is, thus, an essential management tool. Both for the appreciation of existing resources and the constant improvement of organizational performance.


Benefits for the Organization.

> To begin with, enhance the commitment of Everyone’s responsibility.

> Then, maintain and improve the effectiveness and adequacy of the QMS, by highlighting areas with potential for improvement.

> Third, increase motivation and participation of staff and improves’ resources management.

> Finally, gain access within EU and overseas by the recognition of these ISO standards as Premium


Benefits for the Beneficiaries / Clients / Inpatients:

> First, reduce /eliminate complaints

> Second, improve Satisfaction

> Third, increase loyalty as their needs and expectations are continually met, leading to more service opportunities.


Benefits for the Society:

> Increase Families’ reliability and trustworthiness on services provided

> Enhance trust and reputation of services provided among External Stakeholders

By Dianova in News