05 Mar / Drug Abuse Prevention at the 61 CND UNODC Session

Drug Abuse Prevention by Dianova at the 61st CND Session – UNODC


At the 61st CND UNODC Session Dianova Portugal focused on Drug Abuse Prevention. Member States and civil society meet at the international meeting before 2019 (and post-UNGASS 2016). This is the target date set out by the 2009 Political Declaration and Action Plan. The goal: to eradicate the illicit drug market. Dianova Portugal participation focus on drug abuse prevention and social inclusion.

Dianova Portugal and Dianova International will attend the meeting as organizers, co-sponsor and speaker in 5 Special Events and Side Events. Notably, is  their contribution to the debate and intervention on drug policy, drug abuse and social inclusion.

Side Events on Drug Abuse Prevention and Special Events

> In the first place, 12/03: Side Event organized by San Patrignano. “40 years of drugs, drug addiction and recovery. An assessment of the drug situation and its evolution since 1978”. Speaking presentation of Dianova treatment results and co-sponsor.

> Coupled with, 13/03: Special Side Event on therapeutic communities organized by UNODC. “Shedding Ligth on the Science of Therapeutic Communities”. Dianova and EFTC as co-sponsors.

> In addition, 15/03: Special Event organized by Government of Norway and UNODC. “The new Standards, the materials of the Listen First campaign. The UNODC programme on families”. Speaking slot on the impact of the #ListenFirst Drug Abuse Prevention campaign implemented by Dianova in 4 continents.

> Most compelling evidence, 16/03 Side Event “Human rights and quality standards in drug treatment” organized by Dianova. Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Care Services of Norway and RIO. It will explore the many human rights violations related to addiction treatments. Not to mention how should drug policies help overcome this problem. And shed light on ways to identify and reduce barriers to accessing drug treatment services and improve their quality.

> Finally, 12-16/03: Exhibition organized by RUN- Recovered Users Network “Prevent. Not Promote | Mobilize Communities | Rediscover Recovery”. Dianova as co-sponsor.

Dianova is a member of the VNGOC, and is registered at UN DESA. Furthermore, has Special Consultative Status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (UN ECOSOC).

Our Positioning on Drug Policy and Addiction


Know more about Dianova Positioning on Drug Policy and Addiction and its Corporate Manifesto.

20th Anniversary of UNODC

This year UNODC celebrates its 20th anniversary. Markedly to contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. How? In particular, by strengthening international cooperation against global crime and delivering effective local solutions on addiction. Beside congratulating UNODC, it’s also Dianova 20º anniversary of Working in Network!

Meanwhile, click to see the video of António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General

And to summarize, check the video video of Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of UNODC


About Dianova Portugal: Our goal is to offer you an evidence based drug rehab or alcohol rehabilitation certified under ISO 9001 quality management.