07 Sep / EXIT Magazine 2018 dedicated to Mental Health

EXIT Magazine Mental Health. Benefits of Addiction Treatment for Individuals, Communities and Governments.

Dianova’s corporate external EXIT® Magazine 2018 is now available for readers online on Mental Health.


“Offering treatments based on the scientific evidence is now helping millions of affected individuals to regain control over their lives.”


It’s never too much to reinforce what UNODCWHO International Standards for the Treatment of Drug Use Disorders advocates for. “Drug use disorders are a serious health issue, with a significant burden for individuals and their families. There are also significant costs to society. Including lost productivity, security challenges, crime, increase of health care costs, and a myriad of negative social consequences.


The social cost of illicit drug use is at up to 1.7% of GDP in some countries (World Drug Report, 2016). Caring for individuals with drug use disorders places a heavy burden on public health systems of Member States. And therefore improving treatment systems by making them the best they can be. This would undoubtedly benefit not only those individuals, but also their communities and the whole society.


We bring together in this EXIT® issue 29 experts, public authorities, experts and practitioners from Government, Academia and Civil Society. Especially, from 22 countries around Europe, Asia, Africa and North & Latin America.


Overall, we hope their insights, experience and knowledge can contribute to a more enlightening debate on addictions. First, on what has been done and how Dianova is addressing in collaboration with Partners. Then, the outcomes achieved. Finally, what still needs to be done in regard to the drug and alcohol abuse effects and consequences. Specifically on individuals, families, communities and governments.


Once again a special thanks to all contributors to this 2018 issue and hope you readers will enjoy. Have a nice reading!


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