17 Dec / I consumed a lot and I started to steal

25-year-old user interview on alcohol and drug addiction treatment at the Quinta Das Lapas Therapeutic Community, Dianova

Dianova: How did the drug world?

Q: At school I went to parties and there was always drugs, it was easy to get into this world.

Dianova: How long abuse of drugs?

C.P .: For 8 years.

Dianova: What impact has consumption had on your life?

Q: It had a huge impact, I stopped doing things that I did regularly on a daily basis.

Dianova: How did you realize you had a problem?

Q: When I started committing crimes. Fortunately, I was never caught. But as I started to steal, I realized I needed help. This addiction was influencing my entire life, from my family, work and even relationships with people in general and that’s why I decided to ask for help.

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Dianova: Tell us an episode that happened before you joined Dianova.

Q: Before I went in I used to consume a lot, I started to steal and I remember that I entered a Hotel, stole a few bottles of wine and left. Then I drank it all by myself.

Dianova: What motivated you to treat yourself?

Q: A few days after this episode, I walked into a church to steal. At the time I stole the silver I had there that I managed to catch, that’s when I realized that I didn’t want it for my life and decided to treat myself.

Dianova: Is this your first time on treatment or repeat?

Q: It’s the first time.

Dianova: How did you find Dianova and why did you choose her?

Q: I found Dianova by Arrisca, which is an Association of Drug Addicts in São Miguel. I got in there but later they advised to come here.

Dianova: How long have you been in Dianova?

Q: Almost 3 months How was your integration into treatment in the Therapeutic Community? It was very hard. I had to meet my colleagues first and then understand why I was here. Getting away from my family and my girlfriend was complicated but they accepted my decision.

Dianova: Which party do you get from occupational activities? To you, what is the value of these in treatment?

Q: The activities are for us to face some fears within ourselves and to learn to deal with people who have different mindsets. For me this is fundamental because it will help me to know how to deal with people and to have more calm and patience to listen to other opinions.

Dianova: Leave a message for those who have not yet found treatment.

What I can say is that people have to think seriously before they come here. You have to know whether or not you really want to treat yourself because if you don’t want to, this will be a waste of time. But if one wants to be treated, he will succeed because all problems have a solution.

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By Dianova in Entrevista, News