22 Oct / Inpatient Alcoholism Rehab Interview

Educational-Therapeutic and Occupational Treatment of Alcohol Addiction


Dianova: What impact had alcohol abuse on your life?

Inpatient: During these past 20 years, I went out every day. I thought I was not addicted on parties or alcoholic drinks. Consequently, alcoholism has thus made me less responsible in my work. Having lost it due to constant delays, and turned into a freelancer. On the other hand, I could no longer do the normal routines and aggravated my state of health as asthmatic.

Dianova: How did you come to the conclusion that you had a problem?

Inpatient: When I realized that I had to go out every day to drink and when I didn’t drink, I didn’t feel well. That’s when I concluded that I was addicted to alcohol.


Dianova: How did your family and friends react to your addiction?

Inpatient: Some of my friends have walked away from me. My parents tried to help me, they gave me advice and my close friends made me see the benefits of treating myself. They found Dianova as the best choice and that’s how I came here to treat my alcoholism.


Dianova: What has been most important to you at Dianova’s Rehab centre?

Inpatient: I hope it will open my eyes and the educational and therapeutic routines will keep me busy, strengthening my recovery. And in the end of the treatment, it will make me a good example for my friends, family and others who have this alcoholism problem.


Dianova: What message would you leave to those who have not yet found a treatment for their addiction?

Inpatient: If you drink every day and you realize that your situation is not good for you, and you want to change your life, it is a good sign to seek treatment. It will be difficult at first, but throughout the treatment you will see the positive side and benefits of being sober!

Testimony | Ivory Coast User Interview, 33, undergoing treatment for 6 months at Quinta das Lapas Therapeutic Community


By Dianova in Entrevista, News