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Pompidou Group Executive Training

22 Apr, by admin in News Brief

Dianova Portugal attended the Pompidou Group Executive Training on ‘Incorporating gender dimensions in drug policy practice and service delivery’, held the 2-5 April in Amsterdam. With this participation, Dianova aims to consolidate the incorporation of the gender perspective in its Addiction Treatment Programs.

Scientific Evidence based in Addiction Treatment and Reintegration

14 Mar, by admin in Scientific Article

Scientific Evidence follow up study on Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Reintegration, entitled “Trajectories from addiction to reintegration – study of the social trajectories of drug abusers after a therapeutic process. Had as empirical basis the users of the Therapeutic Community Quinta das Lapas, Dianova Portugal.

Dianova renews Certification of Quality Management System

04 Sep, by admin in News Brief

94% Customer Satisfaction and 89% Service Recommendation. These 2017 indicators come from the Quality Management System, certified since 2005, is in the scope of the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Drug Addictions in the Therapeutic Community Quinta das Lapas, Dianova Portugal.