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Gender Equality

International Women Day #YourVoice+

07 Mar, by admin in Press Release

Dianova launches the campaign #YourVoice+ to Achieve True Gender Equality. Aims to help eradicate the multiple barriers that prevent women from accessing a real equality in education and workplace. Also to give both men and women a voice in order to help to achieve the Vision of the 2030 Agenda. Abandoning discriminatory laws, the global GDP could increase 26%.

Achieving True Gender Equality

06 Mar, by admin in News Brief

Dianova is an advocate for women’s rights and works to promote the gender perspective in debates and campaigns related to migration, education, addictions and mental health. #YourVoice+ & 2030 Agenda: a world “in which all women and girls enjoy full gender equality. And, in essence, all legal, social and economic barriers for their empowerment have been removed.”

Dianova joins iGen Forum

21 Dec, by admin in Press Release

Dianova joined the iGen Forum, committing itself to developing actions to promote gender equality. Is the first organization of the social economy to join this Forum. Dianova already has a history in the area of ​​Gender Equality such as the two honourable mentions in the Equality and Quality Award, within the scope of the 11th and 12th Edition.

Dianova reinforces message at the United Nations CND Session UNODC

22 Mar, by admin in News Brief

Dianova reinforces message at the United Nations “Addiction Treatment Works” at the 61st CND Session UNODC, in which Dianova Portugal attended as participant and speaker at side events on treatment and prevention. The final goal: not only increase strategic alliances but also enhance the evidence that addiction treatment works.