Terms and Conditions

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Copyright and Industrial Property

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  1. the copying, reproduction or re-transmission, imitation, diffusion or transmission, modification, distribution, use, sale, publication.
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  4. of all texts, images, illustrations, photographs, publicity, trademarks, logos or other elements of the website content.

Exemption from this prohibition is free uses authorized by law, namely the right of citation, provided that its origin is clearly identified.

Information Collection

DIANOVA, directly or through service providers contracted for this purpose, collects the following information from and about itself:

Registration Information: The information that is submitted by you during registration in a particular service such as receiving our Newsletter. The Registration Information may include, for example, name, email address.

Information of Social Networks: If you access or log in to any of the Services through a Social Network or connect any Service to a Social Network account, the information we collect may also include your user identification and / or the username associated with that account, any information who has authorized such social network to share with us, as well as profile photography, email address or list of friends, and any other information that has made public in the scope of such social network. When you access the Services through a Social Network or when you associate a Service with a Social Network account, you automatically authorize DIANOVA to collect, store and use the information and content which will be treated in accordance with DIANOVA’s Privacy Policy.

Allow the functionality of social sharing: If you log in through or link your Services account to a social network account, we may share your username, photo and tastes, as well as your comments and captivations with other users of the Services and with all other users of the Services. We may also share this information with the service provider of the social network concerned. By logging in through a social network or by connecting your Services account to a social network account, you are consenting to the sharing of the data we collect from and about you with your social network service provider, with others users and their friends, and understands that the use of data shared by the social network service provider is governed by its privacy policy. If you do not want your personal data to be shared in this way, do not link your Services account to a social network account or participate in the social sharing available on our Services.

We remind you that even after your account has been canceled, copies or some information in your account will remain visible in cases where, for example, you have shared the information with social networks or other services. Given the nature of caching technology, your account may not be immediately inaccessible to Third Parties. We may also retain backups of information related to your account on our servers for some time after the cancellation for fraud detection or to comply with applicable law or our internal security policies. It is not always possible to completely remove or erase all of your information due to technological, contractual, financial constraints or legal requirements.

Sensitive information: DIANOVA requests that you do not send or reveal in or through the Services, or in any other way, any sensitive personal information, meaning sensitive information as philosophical or political beliefs, party or union affiliation, religious faith, private life, racial and ethnic origin, as well as data relating to health and sex life, including genetic data, social security numbers and criminal records.