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Addiction Rehab Abroad

Addiction Rehab Abroad in Portugal

For those seeking addiction rehab abroad, Dianova offers the opportunity to carry out a recovery program . To complete your Rehab Abroad, you’ll find that:

> It’s easier to find tranquility and quietness far from your usual environment.

> You can focus o n your addiction recovery without distraction.

Why should you consider start your Addiction Rehab Abroad in Portugal?

> First, we have more than 30 years of experience in Addiction Rehab.

> Second, we have a multidisciplinary team that combines professionalism with social vocation.

> Moreover, our Rehab Abroad Centre has a certification of Quality Management ISO 9001 with excellent outcome indicators.

> It is located near Lisbon and offers comfortable facilities, indoor and outdoor sports spaces and beautiful gardens.

> And our highly qualified team offers treatment in both English and Portuguese.

Our intervention is performed in a professional therapeutic community, specialized in addiction treatment. This guarantees a biopsychosocial approach in a drug free entourage.

In short, these are compelling reasons to start your addiction rehab abroad.


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The Rehab Abroad Approach at Dianova Addiction Treatment Centre

Our clinical approach focuses specifically on a cognitive-behavioural intervention. Markedly, the educational-therapeutic program aims to overcome weaknesses and enhance self-fulfilment.

For instance, patients learn how to cope with daily challenges about their problem. In brief, they engage:

> In individualized and group therapies.

> Occupational activities and leisure management.

> Sports, cultural and wellness being.

> Educational and vocational workshops to enhance their future project of life and reintegration.

> And in due time, Motivational and Relapse Prevention therapies.

With this in mind, patients do their daily routines in a quiet and pleasant environment. Furthermore, they take advantage of excellent facilities and green spaces. Apply for Admission.

As a result, in these protective surroundings they can overcome their issues and pursue new opportunities. Altogether, many reasons to do your rehab abroad in Portugal.

The principles of Dianova Addiction Rehab

Individualization. It involves working the personal-individual dimension. We adapt Therapeutic and Educational responses to the interests of each client. Taking into account their personal, family and social characteristics.

Interdisciplinarity. Integrality in deal with problems is guaranteed through different specialties.

Participation. We promote the relational dimension through active participation by the Client in his/her project.

Optimal proximity. The Client will find in the professionals the confidence to establish a therapeutic alliance. That will allow to advance in his process of change.

Motivation. It means, create a motivating space for change.

Addiction Rehab in Portugal: Benefits for Families and Governments

Our alcohol and drug addiction rehab centre have an unsurpassed competitive advantage.

> Governments will find the most cost-effective program for their citizens.

> Clients can cover their rehab with their private insurance, for instance. Or we recommend at the same time to check the EU Cross Border Health Directive.

Our Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Outcomes

Two indicators are key in any drugs or alcohol treatment and recovery. Specifically, the longer the duration of the treatment and the better evaluated the treatment is. Two main reasons to do your addiction rehab in Portugal.



As our annual 2018 outcomes shows, we had a retention rate of 78,5% in 3 months and 62% rate in 6 months in our drugs rehab program. 

This means that, 78,5% of patients stood in – completed the first 3 months in treatment and 62% the first 6 months. These indicators are indeed predictors of a successful treatment clinical discharge.

On the alcohol rehab program, the rates are 79% for the 3 and 73% for clinical discharge.

Furthermore, on the Quality Indicators we achieved a 94,8% Client Satisfaction rate and a 89,7% Addiction Rehab Service Recommendation rate.

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A simple story of success that we have to offer to people suffering from addiction problem. While addiction keep taking lives, rehab can change lives. Thus it’s up to you to choose the right direction. So, try carry out your Addiction Rehab in Portugal and restart your live without drugs.

Dianova Portugal Addiction Rehab Centre locates in the West Coast, about 40 km from Lisbon. Besides you’ll find 10 ha in a cultural heritage that includes a Manor and gardens.

Call us +351 261 312 300 or mail us to admissions@dianova.pt for more information to do your rehab in Portugal.

Or apply for admission online. Rehab Portugal help is a click away. Management of storage of your information is confidential.