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Why Choose Dianova Treatment & Rehab

A renowned and exclusive international addiction treatment centre | alcoholism, drug addiction and internet addiction

Established in Portugal in 1984, Quinta das Lapas is a national-renowned residential center that treats alcoholism, drug addiction and internet addiction , and is one of the oldest and one of Europe’s leading inpatient centre. Our team has a long history of experience in providing private addiction treatment to national and international clients. 

It is located 40kms from Lisbon, easily access from high way to Lisbon International airport from which we are able to transport clients to Quinta das Lapas, as well as to other leisure activities nearby that can be used in the portuguese West Coast.

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international addiction treatment

Certified its Quality Management System

NP EN ISO9001:2008 in the scope of Rehabilitation

and Social Reintegration of Drug Addicts in the

Therapeutic Community of Quinta das Lapas

Our primary goal is to be an excellent international addiction treatment provider

Choosing Quinta das Lapas Rehab Centre means a treatment that works, privacy in 24 acres of exclusive, tranquil and inspiring countryside surroundings in a setting where resident clients escape from chaotic lifestyles and can really focus on their recovery; 30 years of experience, expertise and innovation procedures and over 5.000 patients treated; recognition by health authorities, experts and scientific community; full-time dedicated professional team, 100% client satisfaction rate under a ISO 9001 certification; each client matters to us during and post treatment.

A personalized program focused on each client

Our aim is to provide our clients with the therapy and tools needed to ensure long-term sobriety and achievement of self-fulfilment, in exclusive surroundings with absolute privacy and discretion, through an intensive, personalized program that follows the cognitive-behavior therapy, provides medical treatment, psychiatric support and other complementary therapies.

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Clinical Governance and Quality Management Policy

Licensed and in protocol with SICAD | ARS Portuguese Ministry of Health and registered at Health Portuguese Regulation Authority, our international addiction treatment center is since the past 10 years certified as a Quality Management System NP EN ISO 9001:2008, achieving in the past 4 years the 100% Client Satisfaction and 100% Service Recommendation.

Our Quality Management Policy is aimed to: ensure the management of resources and assets on behalf of clients and employees, and compliance with all requirements and commitments; strive for the adequacy of the information, admission, integration and monitoring of each client, in order to enhance our client’s treatment success discharge.

Quinta das Lapas Rehab Centre is committed to:

> Putting clients first focusing on their satisfaction and safety enhancement;

> Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes;

> Building trust based on a standardized, transparent management procedures and maintaining high standards of clinical care through regular audits;

> Providing evidence based treatment

> Promoting the continuous improvement of our clinical excellence and increasing social legitimacy.

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