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Why Choose Dianova Addiction Treatment

The International Addiction Treatment Centre Quinta das Lapas | Dianova

Dianova is established in Portugal since 1984 as Public Utility Association. Quinta das Lapas is an international addiction treatment centre for  alcoholismdrug addiction and internet and other behaviour addictions. Is one of the oldest and one of Europe’s leading inpatient centre. Our team has a long history of experience in providing private addiction treatment to national and international clients.


It is located 40kms from Lisbon, easily access from high way to Lisbon International airport from which we are able to transport clients to Quinta das Lapas, as well as to other leisure activities nearby that can be used in the Portuguese West Coast.


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Choosing Dianova Addiction Treatment Centre , means:


> Over 30 years of experience, expertise and innovation procedures in addiction treatment benefiting +5.000 patients.

> 94% Client Satisfaction rate under an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification.

> Recognition by health authorities, experts and scientific community.

> An individualized, intensive and flexible treatment program adapted to the profile of each inpatient.

> English language treatment program for international clients / inpatients.

> A qualified 24×7 support by a Team of professionals in the following areas: General Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work, Social Education, among others.

> Assessments for free related with excessive marijuana use, long-term dependency on pharmaceuticals, binge drinking of alcohol, financially damaging levels of gambling or other addictive behaviours

> An integral and coordinated intervention in all areas related with the complexity problem of addiction: psychological, physical and social.

> A “cosy environment” in which the proximity between the team and the inpatient becomes the moto of the therapeutic alliance.

> 10 hectares of exclusive, tranquil and inspiring countryside surroundings.

> Comfortable facilities, indoor and outdoor sports spaces and beautiful gardens.

> Absolute privacy and discretion in a setting where residents can focus on their recovery

> And last, but not least, each inpatient matters to us during and after treatment.


quality certification for dianova international addiction treatment centre

Certified its Quality Management System

NP EN ISO9001:2015 in the scope of Rehabilitation

and Social Reintegration of Drug Addicts in the

Therapeutic Community of Quinta das Lapas


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A personalized program focused on each client


At Dianova we believe that people can find in themselves the resources and capabilities to overcome their addiction, by providing them with the appropriate means.

There are numerous therapeutic models. Each of these models has strengths and weaknesses due to the complex and varied nature of addiction issues. Nowadays, everyone recognizes the need for diversified professional approaches. Based on scientific evidence, multidisciplinary, complementary or not, and offering global attention to the dependent that requires treatment.


For Dianova, autonomy is the end of a process that, through a therapeutic intervention, allows the individual to recover his self-esteem and acquire a sense of responsibility. And finally, resume healthy habits leading to his/her full social reintegration.


You will get a customized recovery plan focused on your needs. You will be offered program based on a cognitive-behavior model. The intensive, personalized treatment plan provides medical treatment, psychiatric support and other complementary therapies.


Our aim is to provide our clients with the therapy and tools needed to ensure long-term sobriety and achievement of self-fulfilment, in exclusive surroundings with absolute privacy and discretion. For internet, gambling gaming or other behaviour addictions the goal is to achieve a moderate, controlled use of technology.


The Residential Intensive Treatment Program


The residential drug, alcohol and/or other addictive behaviour rehab is an intense experience. Dianova’s approach is to coach and guide you toward living a life with meaning and purpose.


You will get a customized addiction recovery plan focused on your needs. You will be offered a treatment program based on:

> Cognitive-behavioral model based on motivational theories and relapse prevention.

> Methodology which intensifies the positive process of change: personalization, integration, flexibility. dynamism, motivation and lasting recovery.

> Educational and therapeutic perspective that aims to overcome individual weaknesses, autonomy for health responsible choices and continuously improve the life skills and quality of life of patients.


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Our friendly professional team is here to listen and share information about residential treatment at Dianova. Let’s walk through this together. We have helped thousands of people recover from addiction. Are you ready?


Dianova treats patients from worldwide. That either fund treatment privately or covered by their private health insurance or health/social national system. The EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive clarifies the rights of EU citizens seeking access to healthcare Including treatment for alcoholism and other addictions in other EU Countries. You’ll just have to present a letter of referral to Dianova from your doctor / GP to the insurance company.


Our Treatment Works as shown by the 2017 Results!


quality indicators for Dianova international addiction treatment centre


Licensed and in protocol with SICAD | Portuguese Ministry of Health and registered at Health Portuguese Regulation Authority, our international addiction treatment centre is since 2005 certified as a Quality Management System ISO 9001. Our inpatients are our main referral as shown by the above Quality Management Indicators.

The 2017 Results achieved in terms of our intervention are based on the improvement of the efficiency and adequacy of the QMS. Namely, the improvement of resources management, commitment and motivation of the Therapetic and Staff Team.

On the other hand, these Indicators reflect the positive perception from the Beneficiaries, by having their needs and expectations fulfilled. Finally, they reinforce the increase in services reliability and credibility by the Families and trust and reputation by Public Entities.


Our Quality Management Policy is aimed to:

> ensure the management of resources and assets on behalf of clients and employees.

> compliance with all requirements and commitments.

> strive for the adequacy of the information, admission, integration and monitoring of each client, in order to enhance our client’s treatment success discharge.


Apply for Admission Online


Filling in our online pre-admission form will help us to respond to your admission needs though does not oblige you to treatment. All information will be treated as strictly confidential and will be sent and stored securely.


Briefly, Quinta das Lapas Rehab Centre is committed to:


> Prioritizing resident’s needs and focusing on meeting their goals;

> Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes.

> Building trust based on a standardized, transparent management procedures and maintaining high standards of clinical care through regular audits.

> Providing evidence based treatment.

> Promoting the continuous improvement of our clinical excellence and increasing social legitimacy.