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Drug Addiction Treatment Treatment & Rehab


Illicit, addictive drugs or psychoactive substances such as cocaine, heroin, opioids, cannabis, MDMA, amphetamines or even prescribed medicines as antidepressants or antipsychotics have an array of effects over perception, cognition, mood and emotions, motor and attention balance, a different capacity to produce addiction and different meanings for those who use or abuse them.

According to EMCDDA 88 million people have consumed illicit drugs in their life time (54,3% by men and 48,4% by women). Cannabis with 22,1 million is the most used by adults (15-64) and young adults (15-34), followed by cocaine 17,2 million, MDMA 13 million and amphetamines 12,1 million. In Portugal, SICAD refers that 31% of individuals over 18 years old have used individuals have used illicit drugs

Did you know that drug use affects negatively your own life and of those who surround?

An adequate and specialized support, by an expert team of professionals, can help you through your self-fulfilment recovery journey.


If this a problem that you want and need to overcome, focusing on a recovery oriented to self-fulfilment, through a personalized residential treatment program of drug addiction, Dianova is here to help you reach your expectations and rebuilding your life and personal autonomy. We know recovery is possible. We witness it everyday day.

Our goal is to offer you an inpatient treatment with a diversity of services, evidence based and certified under ISO 9001 quality management, having reached in the past five years 100% of Client Satisfaction and Service Recommendation.


Our therapeutic rehabilitation inpatient program is focused on individual needs. Based upon a cognitive-behavioural approach, with a biopsychosocial focus, we provide support to our residents / clients to be self-aware of its own problem with drug use, obtain new learning processes, resources and skills aiming to cope with and tackle its addictive behaviours towards an improvement of quality of life and well-being.

Choosing Dianova rehab program means a focus on:

– Abstinence on a safe environment: restoring the physical and psychological balance begins with the abstinence of illicit drugs in a relaxing, inspiring environment;

– Behavioural analysis: based on the assumption that each behaviour has specific consequences and has underlying cognitive and social expectations.

– Occupational health: by engaging in occupational activities, daily tasks and healthy management of leisure, we seek to promote personal structure and organization, as well as discovering other sort of activities that boost personal motivation and satisfaction

– Psychotherapeutic dynamic: engaging on psychotherapeutic groups and individual psychotherapy to promote cognitive, emotional and relational development and relapse prevention strategies

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TEST Assess your Drug Addiction

The results of this self-test should and must be used only as guidance for understanding your use of drugs, drug addiction and related health problems. A full evaluation and diagnosis must be completed by a health professional, in order to determine the most adequate counselling or inpatient treatment.