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Pedro N.

My name is Pedro N., I am 40 years old and I am an ex-addict at Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centre Quinta das Lapas – Dianova.

The goal is to achieve a full recovery.

This Rehab Centre has a good therapeutic team to help patients.

We have a diversity of activities during treatment. Including helping in the kitchen, in the laundry and in activities’ coordination.

I am very happy to be here!

Family of M.L.

I am the oldest daughter of a patient at the Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centre Quinta das Lapas – Dianova. I finally feel I got my mother back, there were days in my life I thought I would lose her forever. Days I felt tired, angry, overwhelmed with rage. Because drugs and alcohol seemed more important that my brother’s life and mine! As adults, we knew how to manage our lives but there was always something missing.

I was very happy with my mother’s admission at Dianova, I recovered the tranquillity of being able to run my daily life. Without fear of picking up the phone to get bad news about my mother! Today, I feel I have my mother back and away from drugs and alcohol. She’s still very important to me. I enjoy the time we spend together. I really am glad to hear her making plans and when I go to Quinta das Lapas I feel welcomed as in a “big close family”. I am grateful and appreciate all the work it’s been done with my mother as I know she’s not easy to deal with! I almost gave up…

Family of C.L.

I am the father of C.L. and until he got into treatment at the Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centre Quinta das Lapas I lived in constant worry. I never knew how I would find him, when he would come home or what his state of mind would be like. It was a permanent distress! It came a moment when my wife and I no longer knew how to help him. He wouldn’t let us get to him.

Fortunately, the opportunity arose for C. to be admitted in Dianova and to take care of his problems with addiction. In the past it was very difficult for us to communicate. Since he went to the Rehab Centre we started talking and improving our relationship. Today I see he was able to create habits and routines and accept that he must take responsibility for his behaviours and attitudes. Thanks to the therapeutic team of the he managed to regroup and work on his difficulties and fragilities. Nowadays, we are able to be with our son without arguments or aggressiveness.

I feel he grew a lot and that the environment and dynamics of the Rehab Centre were the best for him to start living again without using drugs.


Hello, I am an inpatient, resident at Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centre Quinta das Lapas – Dianova. I’ve been here for 9 months.

In the beginning the treatment was difficult for me. But with the help from the therapeutic team I managed to start enrolling my days normally taking part in the daily activities. We have groups where I feel good and got help to deal with my difficulties.

With all the help I get I made up for the lost time in the past: trust of family and friends and of all people around me. This made me feel good in the Rehab Centre. Some of my occupational activities are developed in the kitchen, the laundry and coordination of new inpatients.

I feel good at Dianova’s Treatment and Rehab Centre Quinta das Lapas.


I am 50 years old and I am here because of cocaine, I’m and addict.

I’m an inpatient, resident at the Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centre Quinta das Lapas – Dianova and I am at the end of the programme.

I was very well received and felt cherished by the team. My progress has been great, from emotions to responsibilities, among other aspects. As far as therapy goes it was great.

They made me see life in a different way and if it wasn’t for this program I would never think the way I do now.

Here we have all the conditions for well-being, patients’ evolution and positive change. This program was very important for my growth here in the community.

I hope they keep up like this.

I owe a lot to this team for all the efforts they made for me. The woman I am today I definitely owe it to the team and to the other inpatients.

João C.

I am a resident at the Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centre Quinta das Lapas – Dianova. I am in the programme for 12 months and after so many years of addiction I started feeling the need to grow as a person. Here I found a programme suited to my needs. It helped me better manage my emotions and got supported by the therapeutic team in overcoming personal life situations.

So that my future can be better and longing for a long term sobriety.

Pedro. L.

Hi, I am a resident at the Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centre Quinta das Lapas – Dianova and I’m 6 months in the programme.

I came here because of my heroin and cocaine addiction and because I wasn’t managing to find a good life path for myself. Dianova has been playing a crucial part in this life changing process and I recovered habits that have been lost these last years. Hygiene routines, living in society, respect for myself and others, family relationships that were much damaged, etc.

Without a doubt today I feel stronger and a much better person!

Family of A.C.

I am the wife of an alcoholic patient, I’m 51 years old and my life and family changed a lot due to my husband’s alcohol addiction. A. was never a violent man but my daughters and I could no longer take his lies and manipulation, the emotional extortion. We were left with a constant feeling of losing our normal family life, which was disrupted every day he got home drunk or started drinking early morning.

The feeling of shame was growing and asking for help was our last attempt. I found strength to tell him I would only stay married if he decided to get treatment. And that is how I came across Dianova, through counselling of a Social Worker from my municipality.

Now I feel everything changed in our life. It seems like he is a new man and we are grateful for the work Dianova’s team developed with him and for all the patience with us, always aware and available to support our questions.